Water Management Services, Inc. - Bringing quality water to St. George Island since 1974.

Water Rates

Our rate structure is determined by our tariff as regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission. A summary of charges is outlined below and detailed information is available in the Application for Water Service (PDF).

Monthly Minimum Charge (Base Facility Charge)
The minimum charge ("base facility charge") for water service is based on the meter size, as set forth in our application.

Monthly Gallonage Charge
Actual water usage is billed in addition to the minimum monthly charge at the following charge per 1,000 gallons.

Residential Service
0-6 kgal $ 6.38
Over 6 kgal $ 7.33
General Service $ 6.74

Connection Fee ("Tap Fee")

In St. George’s Plantation, the tap fee is $5,543.77. Other locations on St. George Island are $5,421.00 for a single family residential connection which purchases 350 gallons per day. Most connections are higher because they are calculated based on the gallons in the wasterwater permit which are typically more than 350 gallons per day.

The basic connection fee covers the following items:

$3,387.00 Plant Capacity
$1,523.00 Main Extension
$400.00 Meter Installation
$ 21.00 Initial Connection
$ 150.00 Refundable Security Deposit*
$122.77 Allowance for Funds Prudently Invested (St. George’s Plantation only)

Fees and costs for other uses will be quoted by Water Management Services Office personnel after receiving the application signed by the prospective customer.

* The total amount of the required deposit will be based on the average or estimated charge for water service for two monthly billing periods.